Meet The Team

Julius Blankson
Julius Blankson

I have a passion for two things. The first is my passion for the performing arts, followed by my experience working with young adults. I drawn on these elements to create a music, dance service; where through teaching I can pass on my experiences and share my passion with others.

Hani Momeninia
Hani Momeninia
Senior Director (Digital Services)

I am a Full Stack developer with over 3 years of experience in security and penetration testing with the primary goal to deliver and execute projects to help your business grow and prosper. I’ve successfully worked with companies of all sizes across the United Kingdom to establish a strong digital footprint, increase sales and establish a standout reputation.

Luca Gendre
Digital Media

I see myself as a fruitful individual with the quirkiness and a fluidity of a Dolphin. Pushing the boundaries of my body and mind has allowed me to use the soul to conquer and prevail in order to reach a collective evolution. That is my aim as an artist with a video.

Julia Gilmore
Digital Media

I seek the positives, and in doing so have realised they lie behind every experience. Positivity is important because it provides an energy vital for the successful execution of anything. I apply this philosophy to my artistry, allowing energy to flow towards my passions in order to manifest further positivity, for myself and others.

Daniel Jan Thomson
Digital Media

Performing arts have always been a part of my life. I believe music, dance and performing arts unite people. I have a wide range of interests and enjoy applying them creatively. I currently work as a gymnastics coach teaching children and adults. I have recently completed a master's degree in Psychology and use this to my advantage.

Anu Panesar
Ambassador & community engagement executive

I am passionate about community service and giving back to society sustainably. Through my work in the community, I have had the privilege of bearing witness to the transformation music brings to the lives of extraordinary individuals facing tragic circumstances. There is no greater gift than to know that no matter what life throws at you, music can always provide a comforting outlet.

Louis Short
Digital Services Executive

My name is Louis and I'm a freelance Videographer and Video Editor. My passion for the art of filmmaking stems from the time I decided to document my holidays and adventures. Together with some professional training, I compose great looking footage and editing for wedding ceremonies, adverts, music videos and more: LS Videography.

Loveleen Khamba

I often enjoy attending function, events and gathering of a social nature. On my journey through the arts I have developed an appreciation of how love, maths and music are used express the things we value the most. Harmonised with my innate desire for fashion I wish to discover how these universal languages influence and shape the world around us.